Internet Marketing for 2020

As we approach the end of the year, you’ll be starting to see a bunch of “SEO for 2015” articles. Well I’m going to do you one better…I’m writing one to help you rank better not just a few months from now (come on – anyone can do THAT, right?) but five YEARS from now. […]

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Google Market Share: 67 Percent On PC, 83 Percent In Mobile

Last week comScore released its August US search market share rankings report. It appears Google has permanently plateaued at 67 percent (or so). In Europe Google’s share is above 90 percent, which is why all the antitrust activity.

Back in the US, Microsoft and Yahoo combined for 29 percent, which is where the Search Alliance has […]

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Google Gets Patent On Using What You’re Watching To Influence Search Results

By detecting the TV show you’re viewing, Google could provide relevant results. The system is already part of Google Now.

Google uses a variety of signals to determine how to rank search results, such examining linking patterns on the web, an individual’s geographic location, search history and more. Now, perhaps what you’re watching on TV might […]

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Apple Watch Brings Local Search To Your Wrist

We don’t yet know how popular the Apple Watch will be when it goes on sale early next year. A “flash survey” conducted immediately after the announcement showed 33 percent of 1,000 U.S. respondents were potentially interested in buying one.

The device carries a wide range of apps and features. Among them are Siri, Apple Pay, […]

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7 Hidden Features In AdWords

Because I spend much of my day in AdWords — either managing or reviewing accounts, or thinking of new features we could add to our Optmyzr tool to make account management more streamlined — I’ve picked up a number of small tricks to make my life easier.

Many of these are simple tricks that are not well documented, […]

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What is the single customer view and why do you need it?

In which I try to explain a seemingly complicated marketing term in the clearest language possible. 

I ran a rudimentary Google search to see what was out there, and of course the Wikipedia entry is the first result. Now don’t balk at this, in a rare moment for this series of beginner’s guides, I’m going to […]

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SearchMetrics Released SEO Ranking Factors For 2014

SearchMetrics announced their 2014 SEO ranking factors study.

Every year, SearchMetrics releases the study but this is the largest study they’ve done, with almost 100 pages and by adding dozens of new factors like time of site, bounce rate, fresh links and others.

The key take away from here is that content may now be truly king. […]

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Paid Media Is the Future

We know as digital marketers that the landscape has evolved to a complex world of options. “Back in the day” of digital advertising you could spend your money with Google for search and the rest went to the portals (AOL, MSN, Yahoo). Now we live in a world where Google still has a large market […]

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What’s A Good PPC Account Structure?

When it comes to PPC account structure, it seems like everyone has a different approach. Even within our office, there’s disagreement about the best way to structure things. (Thankfully, no fist fights have broken out…yet.)

Why is it that there doesn’t seem to be a unified theory of account structure? My take is that the “perfect” […]

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SEO and PPC Need to Stop Being Enemies

There, I said it. I’m willing to put down my battle ax if you’re willing to cease fire.

For as long as there have been search engines, there have been two views of the best way to own them. Paying vs. earning. Bidding vs. optimizing. PPC vs. SEO.

You don’t play for both teams, and rarely is […]

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