Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing is a great way to gain business that might previously have been lost. Remarketing allows advertisers to target previous visitors to their website through other websites or platforms.

Searchline manages the two main types of remarketing through Google AdWords and Facebook.

Remarketing through Google AdWords allows advertisers to remarket to past visitors through the Google Display Network using text, image or video adverts. We can also manage remarketing campaigns on YouTube as well, using video adverts.

Facebook remarketing works by advertising to previous visitors of the website on Facebook only. You can select from adverts in someone’s Facebook newsfeed, which is called a sponsored post, or in the sponsored column, called a sponsored advert. Searchlinehave run a number of successful remarketing campaigns for our clients on Google and Facebook.

How Remarketing Works

A user visits your site

A user visits your site

leave without converting

They leave without converting (97% of potential customers won’t convert on first visit)

advert will follow them

Your advert will follow them as they view other websites

More on remarketing

Remarketing and retargeting involves displaying a targeted advert to a user who has already visited your site. If they navigate away from your site or shopping cart, remarketing enables you to get a second bite of the cherry.

Why Choose Us

  • Highly targeted
  • Enhance brand exposure
  • Appear on highly reputable sites
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Achieve a higher ROI

What Client’s Say

Searchline delivered us a 150% increase in efficiency through our SEM campaign while driving a longer term SEO strategy. Highly recommend Searchline to small, medium or large businesses.
Muhammad, Grace City Jewellers
Muhammad, Grace City Jewellers
Our company has had a very noticeable positive growth in organic traffic and rankings since Searchline were brought on board. Searchline continues to demonstrate great communication and knowledge regarding not only link building, but also on and off-site SEO practices as well.
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