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Searchline’s Trading Desk is hooked into the Ad Exchanges directly. We trade display inventory across the top 200,000 global websites on a daily basis in Real Time. Our clients gain complete transparency on what they are buying from networks that were previously blind. Effective CPM’s or CPC’s are low, because we avoid blanket charges and provide a transparent trading model.

Talk to our display team and place specific site orders or set campaign goals. If you want to appear on a premium site, we will provide cost estimates and place orders in real time helping us reduce your spend.

Trade Desk Bidding


CPA, the risk-free marketing model


CPA & PPC make great partners

Optimisation motivation

Optimisation Motivation

More On Searchline’s Trading Desk

CPA (Cost per Action) is a risk-free Performance Marketing payment model that means you don’t have to worry about marketing costs with no return, because you are only paying for the sales or the leads we generate. By providing our clients with a guaranteed CPA (whether this be a percentage of the basket value or a fixed value per lead), it is our responsibility to construct an effective marketing campaign that delivers conversions for you. As our revenue is directly related to your success, the CPA model ensures we are always striving to deliver more.

CPA and PPC (pay-per-click) go hand in hand. Campaigns are built with ROI in mind, allowing keywords to be paused or expanded upon as and when they are delivering, or supporting, conversions for our clients.
PPC, unlike SEO (search engine optimisation) can be managed in real-time, allowing continual optimisation of your campaign.

Optimisation Motivation
Perhaps you have previously worked with an agency on a percentage of spend basis, where there is little motivation to optimise your account to the maximum? Whilst we will entertain a percentage of spend model, we always welcome additional incentives to ensure we are always mapping our effort to your goals.

Why Trading Desk:

  • Open Reporting on site performance
  • Significantly Lower Costs
  • Greater Control
  • Page level targeting if required.
  • No Minimum investment required

What Client’s Say

Our company has had a very noticeable positive growth in organic traffic and rankings since Searchline were brought on board. Searchline continues to demonstrate great communication and knowledge regarding not only link building, but also on and off-site SEO practices as well.
Ted, Burling Building Management
After some disappointing experiences with other SEO companies we were extremely lucky to find Searchline – they have transformed our online visibility quicker than we expected at a very reasonable cost – a great return on investment.
Marcus, IT Spares
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