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We understand the importance of a beautifully crafted, high performing website. The foundations for this lie in an intelligent design strategy, which encompasses so much more than a visually sleek exterior. Our goal is to strike a balance between form and function in order to deliver a website that is built for the user.

As a digital marketing agency, our team is immersed in the fine details of conversion optimsation and designing a website that delivers. We don’t want you to have to re-design or amend the site in light of an SEO strategy or PPC campaign – we factor this in from the start of our design process.

Searchline’s web design department will work closely with your team to understand your target market. Defining the user experience is where we excel and can really flesh out the details of your brief to create a structure that reflects its ultimate goals.

Our iterative, visualisation process leaves no margin for error as we harness the power of industry-favourite tools to design your site from a set of basic wireframes to high fidelity Photoshop files.

The wireframing process involves prototyping, where the intuitive user interfaces that we design for you are made clickable so that you can test the user journey and interactions before we even commit a single line of code. These interfaces are designed with responsiveness in mind and we visualise them across the key devices to ensure your users will enjoy a consistent experience however they’re accessing the website.

Only once you’re absolutely happy with the way the website flows in all these wonderful ways will we transform this into your company’s grand masterpiece and statement on the web.

Our design team composes of developers and our development team possesses more design nous than is required for the job, so the synergy is a real asset as we turn your designs into live, working websites.

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Design & Create

Web Design

Web Design

A website is an online brochure for your business and the design not only includes the way the website looks, but making sure that the site is easy to navigate.

Look & Feel

Look & Feel?

The look and feel of your website is your first chance at a lasting impression.



The design of your website means color scheme, layout, font size, organisation, and many other small considerations.

Creative and Quality Design

How your website is designed could affect your SEO and therefore affect your search rankings. The search engine robots need to be able to navigate and index your site appropriately. Here’s our process:

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  • Searchline is focused on increasing profits and return on investment (ROI) of your digital marketing activity
  • Highest quality Internet marketing services & customer service
  • We believe in building long-term relationships with clients
  • Our team have years of experience delivering digital marketing services to all industries and company sizes
  • We don’t just do Digital Marketing at Searchline, we live and breathe it

What Client’s Say

Searchline delivered us a 150% increase in efficiency through our SEM campaign while driving a longer term SEO strategy. Highly recommend Searchline to small, medium or large businesses.
Muhammad, Grace City Jewellers
Muhammad, Grace City Jewellers
After some disappointing experiences with other SEO companies we were extremely lucky to find Searchline – they have transformed our online visibility quicker than we expected at a very reasonable cost – a great return on investment.
Marcus, IT Spares
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